Radiant Body™
Rebirth Session


Experience your most Healthy, Radiant Body™

Break-free from the old paradigm of toxic diet-culture and discover how you can physically transform into your most healthy and Radiant Body™. 

In this 45 minute session, we will uncover your physical and energetic blocks when it comes to your health and wellness regime. You will walk-away with a roadmap to re-birth your body to it’s ultimate radiance and begin your physical metamorphosis. 

If you are sick and tired of doing "all the things" the diet and fitness guru's have been telling you to do- long painful cardio workouts, hours at the gym, a diet deprived of delicious carbohydrates and calorie counting- I need to you know that it gets to be different. 

It gets to be fun and easy- once you learn how to align your diet, fitness and wellness routine with your unique energy flow. 


feeling at home in your body is your birthright

What if you knew exactly what was holding you back from experiencing the radiant body you desire? 

If you knew that you didn’t need to follow mainstream diets, exercise plans, calorie counting, macro tracking, HIIT workouts and SPIN classes (that you don’t truly enjoy)- yet you’d be able to live in your most lean, healthy, radiant body?

Where you felt healthy, energised, fresh, and light in your skin, without ever having to obsess over the number on the scale- and living in your ideal body felt EASY.

What if you knew that your ideal body is not something “outside” of you, or that you need to “attain”, but rather it is already within you, and your only job is to let it unfold.

You now see why the “one size fits all” health & wellness regimes have failed you- because they were not created in alignment to YOUR unique energetic coding.

And you are pure energy- and your wellness regime needs to match that. 

You walk away so clear on what has been standing in the way of the radiant body you desire- and you are awakened to the knowing that you get to reach your goals the easier, softer way.. Honouring your energy every step of the way.. 

You are ready to be reborn. 

break free from the toxic diet & exercise matrix 

You’ve tried it all..

You’ve invested in multiple “diets” and weight loss programs that promise fast results, or workout programs that have promised you the “ultimate abs” in 28 days. 

But the moment the diet ended, you’d soon find yourself back to square one. 

You’re exhausted, hungry all the time, eating too much of the foods that drain your glow.

You’re sick and tired of spending your life at the gym, in fact you don’t even LIKE the gym, the HIIT, the spin classes- though you’re terrified that if you stopped, you’d gain so much weight from eating the way you are used to. 

You’re spending so much of your precious energy, counting calories, and tracking your macros, weighing yourself and judging yourself based on that meaningless number- and with each passing day you just feel emptier on the inside. 

Even if you reached your goal, it never lasted- or you found a new goal. You’re past just being “thin” or hitting a number on the scale- because that has never filled you on the inside. 

Because deep down you know that this is not the kind of life you were created for. 

The emotional eating, compulsive eating, binge eating, unhealthy attachment to weight- has left you feeling bloated, fatigued and just plain exhausted- this is not the reality you were designed for. 

You’re at the point where you want to FEEL as good as you look. This time you’re doing it differently, you’re ready to never diet again and invite RADIANCE into your body. 

The Radiant Body™ Rebirth Session

A 45 minute session that will uncover and reveal the physical and energetic blocks standing in the way of you experiencing your most radiant, glowing body.

This session was created to help you uncover and bring to the surface what is standing in your way from living in the body you deeply desire to experience. 

Unlike the traditional approach of just looking at “what you eat” and “how much you exercise”, you’ll also look at your energy flow, and if you have been eating, moving and living in alignment to those intricate and delicate parts of you.

You’ll identify the gap between why you aren’t where you want to be. 

This intimate session was designed to shine the light and reveal what needs to be altered in your health & wellness regime, while pulling you out and away from the diet/exercise matrix.

My intention is to help you call out the subtle nuances that you may have missed or overlooked- or just never thought of. And to give you a roadmap as to how you can course correct to get closer to your desired reality. 


what's included?




YOU WILL WALK AWAY WITH 2-3 suggestions that you can implement right away tO BEGIN YOUR TRANSFORMATION

NOTE: When you invest in the Radiant Body Rebirth session, you are investing in a new way of experiencing food, energy & your body. 

This session is not just a regular “health analysis” where I tell you what to eat or how many hours to spend at the gym- rather it is a space for you to look beyond the known and to find out what else needs to shift in order to get incredible results. 

If you’re looking for a practical & spiritual approach to health- then this session is perfect for you.

get ready to be awakened to what needs to changed in your routine, so you can experience the lean radiant body you've been longing for.. 


Will this session change my body?

While this session is not meant to “change” your body, it is designed to give you clarity into what has/is not working and why that is so. You’ll be looking at parts that you may have overlooked, even seemingly “healthy” actions such as doing a particular workout, that is in fact keeping you further from your desired reality- and you’ll leave with a deeper knowledge of what you need to do to get there. 

I'm a YES. What are the next steps?

If you know this session is exactly what you need, please fill out the application form with as much detail as possible. It is extremely important that I feel I can truly support you, so if the application form is not filled out properly, I will not be able to proceed to working with you in the session. 

What kind of clients do you work with?

I work with spiritually minded women who are looking for a practical and spiritual approach to the lean radiant body they desire. I work with women from various backgrounds- from coaches, healers, business owners. mom’s , corporate executives, etc. 

What makes your work unique?

The clients I work with are usually sick and tired of the traditional western approaches to diets & exercise that are all fuelled on “hard work” and an element of pain. Rather, I support women who are looking for a more gentle way of transformation- without counting calories, without going to crazy HIIT classes, without weighing themselves on a daily basis. Rather they are looking for transformation through the power of nature, energy & healing foods. 

the journey towards your most lean and radiant body, starts here..


for you if..

You are a soulful female leader, such as a coach, healer, wellness lover, mother, creative entrepreneur, corporate executive, or any spiritually connected woman who is looking to change the way they feel in their body in alignment to their unique energy, and in harmony with nature. 

You are a conscious woman who is looking for a brand new way of experiencing a leaner, more radiant body, beyond the traditional western approaches of dieting, calories and exercise, and you want to work with someone who understands both the practical side of nutrition but also the energetic, emotional & spiritual side of transforming your body. 

You have tried many diets, exercise programs, and “one size fits all” methods that have not worked, and you are now looking for a way to transform your physical body in a way that honors YOU, physically, emotionally and energetically. 

not for you if..

You are looking for a cookie cutter 3 month formula to your ideal body. This session is not about giving you the exact formula- that takes time and patience. This session was designed to awaken you to where you may be off the path that is best for you, and how you can start to move in a new direction. 

Are only interested in scientific + masculine methods of health, weight loss & dieting. Many of my teachings and suggestions are grounded, yet they are also divinely inspired through my practice and connection to a power greater than myself. They may not be what is in the mainstream teachings, but they have helped me and many of those who I have supported. This is not for you if you are only looking for scientific backed strategies. 

Not willing to let go of the chains of what has kept you stuck. If you are not willing to let go of certain behaviours, or to make changes in the way you eat & move, then this is not for you. In order to feel better, you first need to act differently. Action precedes manifestation. 

why work with me?




As a certified intuitive health coach and energy healer, I am here to guide you toward change through practical & spiritual perspectives.

After having practiced alternative health, wellness & spirituality for more than 10+ years, I am able to provide you with a multi-dimensional approach towards physical change.

AS A human design ¼ emotional projector, I am here to be a guide, while empowering you with strategies that will MAKE you your own healer, AND LEARN HOW TO MASTER YOUR BODY WITH EASE & FLOW. 

I believe that your transformation is a multidimensional process- physical, emotional, spiritual.

Therefore your wellness journey must be energetically aligned to who you are. 

it is then that you get to step into your most radiant body- with love, peace & joy. 


"Holly's gentle intuitive approach transformed the way I experienced food and my body.."

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