I help sober women overcome food addiction, experience food sobriety and body serenity.



Break-free from the old paradigm of toxic food & diet and exercise culture and discover how you can experience a life free from food and body obsession. The reason why mainstream diets and exercise regimes have not worked for you so far, is because they were not designed with the understanding of underlying addiction and how those with this unique biochemistry needs a unique program of healing and recovery.

Move from food chaos to..


Food Sobriety Consultation


Break-free from the prison of food addiction and discover how you can transform into your most healthy and Radiant Body™. 

In this 40 minute session, you will be guided to uncover why you have been struggling with food and invited to question if you may have an underlying food addiction at play through a serious of thought provoking conversations. I will share with you more about my abstinence based recovery program if it is something I feel like can benefit you in your journey.


1x 40 min sessions

Food Sobriety Reset

$1500- $5000 USD

Find freedom from food obsession, end your battle with the scale, and experience life in your most radiant body™.

A 1 to 5 month journey for soulful sober women who are ready get clean and sober around food and experience serenity beyond the bathroom scale through an abstinence based recovery program customised just for you.


1 - 5 month mentorship


I've loved working with Holly because she genuinely cares about her clients heal, and it is evident in her sessions. Being someone who is spiritually focused, I always felt like something was missing from my wellness equation. I love what we worked on both the physical and the energetic aspects of my wellbeing. I now see that everything is connected. I love working with her and am grateful that I've found such a wonderful guide, coach and healer.

Gentle yet powerful- I've experienced profound healing & a newfound joy in my body.


Holly has an absolutely fantastic program. I came across Holly's work in a newspaper article and decided to reach out, with the goal of weight loss. However, during the process I have been opened up to so much more. She's helped me gain clarity of mind, improve my self image, and learn how to enjoy life with pleasure.

Holly's love and support has helped transform my body and I've achieved miraculous results with ease.

Pooja menon, singapore

Holly's intuitive coaching method has helped me where fitness trainers and nutritionist have failed. She has advised me with great sensitivity, the steps I needed to take to improve my mindset and to feel supported on all levels as I let go of excess weight.

Holly attention to my energetic well-being was the missing link  in my wellness journey all along..