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Holly lehua

Holly lehua

About Holly

Hello there, I'm Holly. I'm a certified holistic health coach and ashati energy healer who is passionate about helping women find healing in their bodies through natural foods and energetic techniques.

My battle with food, body and the bathroom scale started when I was a little girl. My parents divorced, and I was left with my grandmother who loved me, but used violence as a means for discipline. Not knowing how to escape the trauma I was facing, I turned to sugar. I loved anything sweet- it took me away from my uncomfortable home situation. 

In my teens, I did some part time modelling felt the pressure to lose weight. I tried moderating my food, but failing to do so I turned to more extreme measures which included starvation, restriction, calorie counting, hours and hours of painful exercise, binging, brief purging, compulsive eating, and obsession with food and my body. 

I later got my first job at MTV Asia as a television host. While it seemed glamorous, being able to travel all over Asia interviewing stars like Justin Bieber at such a young age- all my mind was focused on was the battle of being obsessed with food while wanting to be thin at the same time.

I thought the job was the problem- so I packed my bags and moved to Los Angeles for college. There I joined a 12 step program that told me that I was a "food addict" and that I was "powerless" over food. I lived a very restricted life. Either eating perfectly, or binging the moment I "messed up". 

I then decided that living in America was the problem, so I moved back to Singapore and got a fresh start in the corporate world. And again, I turned to food. This time however I was in my late 20's and my body started to show the consequences of my eating.

In 3 months I had gained 20lbs. My stomach constantly hurt from being stuffed with too much sugary, salty high fat foods. I was bloated all the time. I lived my life in fear, not knowing when I would next binge or eat compulsively again.

I decided that I needed to take my own healing into my own hands. I realised that I wanted to heal and I wanted to live in a body that was lean, healthy and radiant. I wanted to feel glowing from the inside before- because I had been very skinny many times in life, but I never felt glowing.

Through a long process of therapy, energy healing, hypnosis, nutritional studies and spiritual connection with the Divine- I came to discover that the physical manifestations of my disordered eating, preoccupation with food & body could be healed. That I am not broken. I am not a food addict. I am not crazy. I was simply disconnected from my body, from nature, and from the love of Source.

This reconnection & healing came through nourishing my body with high vibrational foods from Source energy and re-connecting with my own body and it's unique energetic frequency, which for me meant getting rid of the scale & all the exercise I actually really hated. I've learned how to use food as medicine, and the Divine as my inner strength. And as I continue to connect with Source, the closer I move towards wholeness. 

It is my deep wish and desire that you get to experience the same well being in your body and in all of life. That you get to embody the lightness of being- free from the chains of diets and intense exercise, while still having a lean, healthy radiant body. There is always an easier softer way- the question is, will you allow it?

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