Healing Food Addiction Meditation


All addictions take you away from the present moment.

Be it food, alcohol, drugs, compulsive exercise, body obsession.

The act of “using” any one of those vices consumes you, and take you away from reality- and you slip into a trance. 

A virtual reality where space and time don’t exist. 

This is why when you are in a binge cycle, you may feel possessed and out of control. 

In addiction a healing style of eating, meditation is a powerful way to help you STAY sober around food, and out of addictive eating. Listen to the meditation here.


Breaking Addiction



In order to break free of that cycle, you need to break the trance.

You need to escape that virtual reality.

And the key to that, is through connection to presence.

Connection to the present moment.. to the here and now.. to what is.. 


break free from food addiction



This week, I’ve created a meditation that can be added to your recovery program to help you create a gap between you, and your addiction.

Listen to the meditation here.

Addiction is about compulsion, speed, impulse. 

Slowing down, quieting the mind, connecting to presence.. is going in the opposite direction.

The more you practice, the more space you’ll create between you and the addiction.

And when the urge comes to use food or anything else, you’ll have a bigger gap in-between to pause, instead of picking up. 

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” – Rumi

In the space of food addiction, things can feel very dark and hopeless. 

But lean into the wound, the pain, the hurt.. try to find what needs care and attention, and start to become conscious and open to the healing that wants to enter.




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