4 ways to avoid overeating during the holidays 

4 ways to avoid overeating during the holidays.

The holidays are a time when many people feel out of control around food, and they feel like they cannot avoid overeating.

While food is a medium for celebration, many women also find it a source of anxiety, fear, and overwhelm, as they feel powerless over-food and holiday weight gain through overeating. 

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. The holidays get to be fun. Food gets to be nourishing.

You get to feel good, and you DON’T have to gain weight during this busy festive season. 

Here are 4 ways to avoid overeating during the holidays 


How to avoid overeating


1.) Master your mindset to avoid overeating

It all starts in the mind. Ask yourself, do you THINK you are going to eat?

Because if you do, that is not only a limiting belief, but a self fulling prophecy. Your thoughts determine your reality.

So it’s super important you pay attention to them, and replace them with new thoughts. 

You need to tell yourself that you CAN avoid overeating.

These thoughts can look like..

  • I eat moderately all the time, even during the holidays 
  • I eat enough to keep my body energised
  • I enjoy food without having to feel stuffed 

You have to keep course-correcting whenever you find your mind slipping back to your old ways of thinking that the holidays are just a time to overeat and stuff yourself.

These thoughts have been with you for YEARS and they will not just change overnight.

This has to be an activity you keep practicing, to slowly shift your thoughts & beliefs to the person you want to be- the person who is neutral and moderate around food especially during the holidays. 


2.) Practice mindfulness to avoid overeating

Mindfulness is bringing awareness to your actions.

Many people eat mindlessly- due to boredom, frustration, anger, habit, etc. 

Even though is not necessary to always plan your food, it can be helpful to bring in structure when challenging times such as the holidays come around. 

This can be as detailed or loose as you like- but having some foresight and intention around what you will nourish your body with can make a world of difference. 

So very loosely planning can look like deciding to have just 3 meals- breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Or, it can be more detailed- such as oatmeal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and one plate of pasta and a dessert at the holiday party. 


3.) Meditate to avoid overeating

You probably hear “meditate” thrown around a lot, and you may be thinking “but how can meditating help my eating habits?!” 

I used to be a chronic binge eater, and meditation really helped me resist the urge to binge.

Meditation helps create a space between thought and action.

If you are someone who is very compulsive around food, mindlessly reaching for the cake or cookie only to realise “oh no, why did I do that? I was not even hungry!”, then meditation can help to create a space between the initial desire to grab the cookies, and the action itself.

Regular meditation will help you to pause, after the thought comes in. Instead of just reaching for the cookie and eating it, you’ll have a better ability to stop and ask yourself “Why do I want that cookie? Am I hungry? Is it for pleasure? How much of it do I want? Will it make me feel good?”

This can be super helpful especially around high stress situations like holiday parties where many people eat due to social anxiety, and regular meditation will help you feel more calm and balanced so you don’t need to turn to food. 


5.) Savour every bite to avoid overeating

I want you to ask yourself, when you are eating, are you truly SAVOURING every bite? Or are you just eating due to get as much as you can, as fast as you can, so that you can have more?

With many of my clients, I’ve noticed that they struggle with their weight not because they love food or eat because they are hungry, but rather that they don’t savour their food.

They don’t eat slowly, tasting, enjoying every bite to the fullest.

During the holidays, it is easily to fall into scarcity mentality- “I need to eat everything because this time of year only comes once every 12 months!”, which has many women eating faster and more than is good for their bodies, all while not truly tasting every bite.

Instead it feels more like they are stuffing themselves. 

If you can relate to this, then I’d like to invite you to slow down. Pause. Breathe. Taste. Savour.

Food is food- and it can be a wonderful treat and source of pleasure, but only if you savour every bite to the fullest.

This will not only help you overcome overeating during the holidays, but it will ensure you feel good in your body while cultivating a true appreciation for the food you are ingesting. 


So what next?

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