How to rewire your mind for weight loss

How can you rewire your mind for weight loss?

Why do you need to rewire your mind for weight loss, and how can this be done?

At this very moment, studies show that more than 45% of the global population wants to lose weight.

That is almost 3 billion people world wide! 

At the same time, the majority of people fail at their attempts to lose weight, and will do so 3-4 times in the next year. 

This means that they will start a diet, fail a diet- and the cycle will continue for years. 

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Rewire Your Mind for Weight Loss
Rewire your mind for weight loss


Why your mind hates weight loss? 

You need to understand that your mind HATES losing. 

The word “loss” is associated with well.. losing!

You see, your brain & mind were designed to keep you safe, supported and thriving.

However, when you attempt to “lose weight”, your brain & mind freaks out- and it goes into full on protection mode.

It cannot differentiate between weight loss, which can be good, versus perhaps you losing money.

So it does everything in its power to make sure that you don’t LOOSE.

To “keep you safe” it ends up making you gravitate towards higher caloric foods to ensure you are well fed, stocked up, and not in a place to “lose”.

So in order to lose weight, you need to do it in a way that is not associated with “losing”.

How to start rewiring your mind?


1.) Use empowered wording

The mind likes to feel like you are in control.

One easy way to switch the narrative, is to replace the wording from “weight LOSS” to “weight RELEASE”.

Release places you in the place of power- it means that you are in the position to allow the excess weight to leave.

It’s like a king and his prisoners- only the king can release the prisoners, right?

The prisoners can’t release themselves.

Your mind wants to be the king, in this situation- and a simple word shift can allow it to believe that.


2.) Switch your workouts up

If you’ve ever done an intense workout such as F45 or a strenuous HIIT class, you might have noticed you had the urge to eat more than usual even BEFORE the class began?

This is because your mind anticipates you expending lots of energy, so it drives you to “stock up”.

After the workout, your mind then tells you to eat even more to “celebrate” because you “deserved it”.

This results in most people eating way more calories than they burned, feeling exhausted, yet gaining more weight than ever.

And this is why we live in a world where people are excising more than ever, yet even more are struggling with their weights and eating habits.

My suggestion is that you switch things up- ditch the intense workout, and focus on workouts that don’t trigger the need for overconsumption.

Focus on gentle yet powerful toning exercises like walking, dancing and pilates.

These workouts tone the body, burn fat, while also have a meditative element to it that does not trigger the urge to overeat.


3.) Change your relationship with food

In order to easily and effortlessly eat less, you need to stop feeling like food is a scarce resource.

When there is a part of you that feels like food is scarce, you will want to eat all the “junk” foods.

You need to start seeing food as an abundant resource, and start eating in abundance.

However, there is a strategy to this! If you just start eating brownies in abundance, you will definitely gain weight.

The key to this is eating REAL food in abundance, on a regular basis so your body feels satisfied.

Most dieters or women with weight issues, actually eat really unappealing foods majority of the time. They live in a state of feast and feminine. When they are dieting, they eat plain salads which they hate.. until they finally break and binge on decadent cakes, ice cream and junk foods.

Maybe you can relate- you don’t dare to eat real foods like rice, whole grain breads, fruit and potatoes thinking they will “make you fat”. 

However, you have a weight problem, fear of weight gain, or unhealthy relationship with food and you regularly binge on highly processed junk when you aren’t in diet mode.

The problem lies in the fact that you live in restriction mode- and your mind knows that.

So it compensates by making you reach for the most high caloric items that will keep you “full” because it knows the next “diet” is approaching.

So this is the work that needs to be done- to start eating REAL FOOD, in abundance. When you do this, you will start to feel nourished and supported- and your body will relax enough for all your excess weight to melt away!

And this is why inside my programs, my clients effortlessly release excess weight without having to do intense activity, or going hungry along the way.

So, there you go!


Losing weight starts in your MIND, and manifests in your body!

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