3 signs your diet and exercise routine is wrong for you

What are the 3 signs that show your diet and exercise routine is wrong for you?

The world we live in is full of diet and exercise programs.

Everywhere you look, there is yet another health and fitness guru telling you their secret formula to the perfect body. 

If you’ve tried countless diets, exercise programs, fitness classes, gym memberships, and have yet to see result- you’ll know what I mean!

You start to wonder if you are weak or lazy- because eating broccoli & steamed chicken while jumping along to boring cardio day after day just isn’t your thing.

Yet, in spite of it all, you soldier on.

But what if the reasons that it all feels SO HARD is simply because that diet and exercise routine is wrong for you (and YOUR energy)? 

In this post, I’ll be sharing the 3 signs that your diet and exercise routine is wrong for you.

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Firstly— What do I mean by your energy?

Everything is energy.

You are made of energy- and within that energy lies a unique flow of operation. 

Some people’s energy allows them to workout strenuously- like 60minutes 7 days a week.

While others (like myself) have more inconsistent energy- so the idea of working out regularly to a set schedule can feel so overwhelming. You might feel better working out when it feels right, and doing more gentle movements like pilates and walking. 

For me for example- I used to follow super masculine “protein and vegetables” type diets, and forced myself to workout 4-5 times a week, with pretty high intensity type workouts. I did not know it then, but that was totally out of alignment with my energy. The result was weight gain, fatigue, and just a lack of joy around my diet and fitness plan. 

This is why “one size fits all” diets and exercise routines usually fail, or are not sustainable long term- they don’t take your energy into consideration.

The thing you need to know is that your energy body is SUBTLE. So like a relationship, you need to spend time getting to know it. This comes through experience and observation. 

And you need to fine tune your diet and exercise routine to be in alignment to your energy. 

Okay do now that you have an idea of what energy looks like.. 

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3 Signs that your current diet & exercise routine is not right for you & your energy 

1.) You’re exhausted all the time. 

You were created to be a human BEING, not a human “doing”. Feeling tired all the time is a very clear sign that you are doing more than your being is designed to. It is a direct message from your body begging you to slow down, and stop. Most people don’t honour this voice. They have been so brainwashed to think that they need to “push through”, and if they don’t, they are “lazy”. 

I meet way too many women who feel like being tired is a badge of honour- as if their “handwork” means something significant. However the only thing that is doing, is that it is disconnecting them from their bodies, and they’re intuition that is craving for rest. 

You were not placed on this planet to be “recovering” from your workout all the time. 

You were created to feel relaxed, energised, balanced, and revitalised- it is in this state where your body truly can release excess weight, and transform. Picture yourself a roller coaster- when it accelerates, what do you do? You hold on SO TIGHT. The same with the body- when it is moving too fast, and it is stressed out, what happens? It holds on! To excess weight, cellulite, toxins, chemicals. 

So if you are feeling exhausted allllll the time from your workouts and diets, then it’s time to modify your routine so that it is more relaxing and restful for your body. This is where the results will show. 

2.) You dread doing it. 


The feeling of dread is something that can only come from your intuition- lean into it, listen to it, honour it. 

I remember how when I was younger, I had a boyfriend who was “perfect” on paper. He ticked all the boxes, did everything I asked, went above and beyond- yet I dreaded hanging out with him. I dreaded the thought of spending the rest of my life with him. Was that me just making it up? NO. It was my intuition telling me that was the WRONG person for me. 

Ignoring this voice is what leads us to end up in the wrong relationships, jobs we hate, and workout and diet routines that burn us out. 

This takes me back to your energy. 

The energy behind the action, is more important than the action itself. If you are doing pushups all day long, but hating it, your body won’t respond to the actions the same way if you truly loved it. Or if you were forcing yourself to eat something you hated, feeling so sorry yourself- your body won’t be able to absorb the nutrients to it’s highest capacity!

So if you are hating or dreading something in your diet or exercise routine, do something different. There are so many different options, but the first step is to tune into the feeling of dread and to explore it further- always remember that you are not stuck.

3.) Ravenous hunger.

While it is totally normal and healthy to feel hungry, it’s not normal to be ravenously hungry ALL the time. The body was created to experience hunger, and to re-fuel when you feel that hunger. However, it was not created to feel like a bottomless pit all day, everyday. 

Modern day western influenced type workouts, I believe overwork the body and pushes it to insane limits. The natural result is ravenous hunger- simply because the body is expending way too much energy than it has to give out. 

This is a clear sign your energy is out of balance- because when you are rested and doing activity in the right amounts, you will feel balanced even in your appetite. You will not be so hungry to the point where you feel so ravenous. You will eat when you are hungry, and stop when you are full. As simple as that. 

So be very careful, and aware of your diet and exercise routine. Pay attention to it, and make sure that it is making you feel good- physically and energetically. That is the secret to incredible body transformation that will sustain you for the long run. 

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