EMBODIMENT & energetics

My Dear Projector, you were made to be magnetic.

You have the ability to manifest. 

just not like the rest..


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    As a Projector, do you feel like your ability to Manifest isn't quite like the rest? 

    Do you ever feel like you're just subjected to be waiting for recognition & invitations to come by?

    Sayings like "Make It happen" or 'Just Do It", not your thing?

    I figured. They're not mine either.
    But manifesting is a Spiritual Journey made of Magic that is available to each and everyone of us.

    It's about surrendering to the unknown, with the full faith that your desires are being brought towards you.

    Manifestation is also about intentionally working with Source to create things that may be humanly out of reach- but easily accessible in the realm beyond space & time.

    There is no struggle. Things come TO you.

    Projectors have a special ability to manifest- because you see, Manifesting is about receiving.

    And you were created to RECEIVE recognition and invitations.

    What I love doing, is helping Projectors (you!) unlock your limitless ability to receive with ease.

    Receive recognition & invitations that flood your life with wealth, affluence and abundance through life changing opportunities that are drawn to you like magic.


    more about me

    I work with Human Design Projectors who are ready to honor their Strategy & Design, while manifesting big exciting crazy things.

    I'll take you through a journey of massive shift where we play with the unseen. 

    You get to call in invitations- bigger than you thought possible.

    This is about smashing through the unseen ceiling because you know what?
    It doesn't exist.

    Get ready for the most incredible transformation of your life.

    I help Projectors manifest in a way that is unique for their Design & Strategy.

    I'll help you lean into your magnetism, work with Source energy in a unique way that draws life changing opportunities to you.

    This is all about manifesting- the gentler, softer way.

    Hey there, my name is Holly and I love everything about being a Projector! It's my superpower.


    What else do you desire?

    Remember- There is no upper limit. You are made of magic. 

    You get to have EVERYTHING you want.

    And it can happen very quickly. 

    Because timelines don't exist. 

    It's to manifest in a whole new way. 

    In a way that is totally unique for you as a Projector. 

    Without the push, without the struggle.

    Just pure bliss.

    Get in touch and let's get going.

    Are you ready?